Women's Fellowship

Women's Fellowship meets in Room 2 on the last Monday of each month, apart from the months of July, August and December, at 10:30 a.m. Activities are varied, discussions are wide-ranging and there is never a shortage of thought, opinion and, more importantly, friendship & fellowship. New friends are given a very warm welcome and we don't go home without having shared refreshments. We participate in the life of the church by, e.g. decorating the sanctuary for events such as harvest or helping when catering is required. We have taken our turn to organise a Sunday morning service and have helped to make the banners that are in the church. Other banners have been made for festive occasions such as Easter and Christmas and a lectern fall was made for a wedding. A special banner was created and taken to Ghana for our sister church in Accra where it is displayed in the sanctuary.

Women's Fellowship welcomes anyone whether they can come to our meetings regularly or only occasionally. For further details contact Daphne Cowking Tel. 01224 861209.