Open Table

On Sundays from one to two in the dining hall at Aberdeen Methodist Church you will find Open Table, a meal supported by the church to create a space of fellowship for people in marginalised communities throughout the city centre of Aberdeen. Those who make Open Table a part of their lives come from a variety of walks of life, many of whom move in and out of poverty and homelessness, but during the meal all are friends, united in their difference.

The culture of Open Table is one of belonging. This community is self-created, it being an intention of Open Table to listen to those who choose to come together and foster relationship, not performance. There is no imposition on those who come along to Open Table save that all are treated with the worth, dignity, and hospitality that each deserves. And from this disposition, Aberdeen Methodist Church has been able to set aside space for meditation and prayer that follows Take Time, a helpful form of Ignatian spirituality, for those interested in joining in contemplation, reflection, and conversation. From the meal to the meditation, despite living within a larger context that stigmatises those who live in marginalised communities, Open Table offers a chance for a spiritual community to flourish.

Since its start in 2017, Open Table has grown into a staple of church life, becoming its own, vibrant, self-formed community. Open Table started when three members of the church began drawing up plans to create a space of fellowship for people in marginalised communities in the City Centre of Aberdeen. The idea stemmed from the interest of a doctoral student researching homelessness and the skills of two circuit preachers who call Aberdeen Methodist Church home. Their ideas were exciting, and a small team of volunteers quickly formed around them to make an idea become reality. In the beginning much time was spent bringing coffee and tea around city centre Aberdeen to build relationships with those who are homeless in the area. Over time, thanks to the diligent work of the reliable hands at the church and the growing relationships with those in the city, Open Table started to grow, and still does today.

There's always room for more people to take part. If you'd like to come along, lend a hand, have a meal, and be among friends, please join. A couple of special notes, firstly, if you like to cook for crowds and you'd like to have a go drop us a line. Most importantly, we encourage any and all to partner with Open Table in prayer.